What is an actor’s demo reel?

An actor’s demo reel, or a “showreel”, is a one to three-minute-long edited video collection of an actor’s best performances from various scenes.

Do actors need a demo reel?

Absolutely. Casting directors will request a demo reel to review the actor’s talent and ability. If you do not have a complete demo reel, a high-quality short scene focused on your performance may suffice.

Do I need to have experience as an actor?

Not necessarily. Whether you are a professional actor looking to enhance their demo reel with quality material, or an aspiring actor wanting to build a professional acting reel for potential Television, Film or Commercials castings, our team will make sure to get you the production value you need.

How long should an actor’s demo reel be?

An actor’s demo reel is usually two to three minutes long, consisting of a few 20 to 30 seconds long scenes.

How long will the edited scene be?

Most casting directors in the industry recommend the best 20 to 30-seconds of the actor’s best performance in a scene. We will provide you with a longer version (2 minutes aprox.) of your scene and give you the option to select the best part for a demo reel.

Do you shoot in 4K?

Yes. We shoot with cinema cameras and cinema lenses.

Can I bring my own script for a scene?

REEL for Actors will write and provide you with a custom script that will showcase your talent. However, if you have your own script, it would have to be reviewed by our film director first. Keep in mind that if your script location is set in, for instance, the oval office or planet Mars, or with 3D animation elements and SFX, it may require additional expenses.

How long does it take to get my scene?

It depends on each actor. Production value and quality is important, so it won’t be a rushed process. It can take 3 to 5 weeks depending on the complexity of the editing.

Can you create a professional demo reel for me?

Yes, depending on your goal as an actor, we can produce a single scene or a complete demo reel with several scenes.

Will a demo reel guarantee me a role?

A demo reel is subjective to a casting requirement, and although we can’t guarantee you will get the part, a professional demo reel will always increase your chances of getting a role.

Do I need a demo reel to get an agent?

You don’t need a professional or self-tape reel to get representation. However, an agent may use your scene as a tool to pitch you to a casting director for a role.

How to make use of my scene?

You can use your ‘REEL for Actors’ scene to build a professional demo reel, submit it as an attachment to complement your acting resume in Actors Access, Backstage, LinkedIn or you can submit directly to casting.

Can I make my own demo reel?

Yes. However, it can take months to years to accumulate several roles that enhance your talent as an actor, and depending on the project and the production’s reliability, it can be a tedious process to get what you want. Another factor to keep in mind is that the scenes should be focused on you, they should be short and of high quality (production value). Unfortunately, self-tapes and monologues are viewed as amateur.

Can I provide you with my own footage to make a demo reel?

No, we do not edit footage from outside sources.

Do you provide reimbursement?

Yes, we have a reimbursement policy, which is attached to a formal agreement.

Are you following COVID-19 social distancing guidelines?

Yes, REEL for Actors follow strict guidelines recommended by the CDC.